Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Tomorrow is the first day of December and we’ll be officially 25 days away from Christmas! I’ve already got my decorations up, got my winter clothes, and I’ve already caught some instances of Christmas movies on TV. But Moviefone has posted the Top 25 Best Christmas movies of all time. And going down the list, I’ve realized that I’ve only seen 10 of these! So this month I’m going to make it my goal to try to watch the other 15.

25. The Polar Express
24. We’re No Angels
23. The Muppet Christmas Carol
22. Joyeux Noel
21. Gremlins
20. The Santa Clause
19. Bad Santa
18. The Dead
17. The Shop Around The Corner
16. Die Hard
15. Love Actually
14. The Bishop’s Wife
13. The Nightmare Before Christmas
12. Holiday Inn
11. A Christmas Carol (1951)
10. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
9. Babes In Toyland
8. Home Alone
7. Christmas in Connecticut
6. Elf
5. White Christmas
4. Scrooged
3. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
2. It’s a Wonderful Life
1. A Christmas Story

There’s a couple I feel they left off the list. Off the top of my head: Just Married, Jingle All The Way, and The Holiday! How many have you seen, and which of your favs did they leave off the list? (Besides the new Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey)

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