Colorless: The NEW Green

Designer Harc Lee has created a new Colorless Coke Can design that could possibly be one of the sweetest ideas towards the green movement I’ve seen in a while. Not only is the design slick (you could even stop right there), but the entire manufacturing processs involving energy and toxic paint would no longer be needed. Here’s the direct description:
“A convex logo substitutes colorfully sprayed can. Naked can help to reduce air and water pollution occurred in its coloring process. It also reduces energy and effort to separate toxic color paint from aluminum in recycling process. Huge amount of energy and paint required to manufacture colored cans will be saved.Instead of toxic paint, manufacturers process aluminum with a pressing machine that indicates brand identity on surface.”


If this does go through, I can’t even imagine the impact it would make towards any green campaign to go “colorless.” At that point, our whole creative mindsets would have to change with the inability to create things in color. I guess we would just have to let the world and the ‘natural’ greens alone color our daily lives…which wouldn’t really be a bad thing.

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  1. I dont drink pop anymore but I have to say the colorless can actually makes me want to buy in a wierd way it looks more appealing!

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