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Greatest Christmas Decoration EVER

Possibly the GREATEST Christmas Decoration EVER… [view]

Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Tomorrow is the first day of December and we’ll be officially 25 days away from Christmas! I’ve already got my decorations up, got my winter clothes, and I’ve already caught some instances of Christmas movies on TV. But Moviefone has posted the Top 25 Best Christmas movies of all time. How many have you seen, and what did they leave off?

Where Should You Eat?

I love food. And I love decision-making flow charts, they’re kind of the modern version of the ‘choose-your-own-way’ books, which I also loved. What happens when you mesh them together? You get a pretty sweet flow chart that I will now have saved in my iPhone for the times where I just can’t decide where to eat if my refrigerator is empty and I’ve got no healthy options…[read more]

I want to ride THAT bus

I used to ride whats called the SunBus in SoCal wayyyyy back in the day when I was bored. And the only thing that you remember from it was the themesong from the commercials…[read more]

Colorless: The NEW Green

Designer Harc Lee has created a new Colorless Coke Can design that could possibly be one of the sweetest ideas towards the green movement I’ve seen in a while. Not only is the design slick, but the entire manufacturing processs involving energy and toxic paint would no longer be needed…[read more]

If we had THEN…what they have NOW!

In elementary school (and maybe a couple days of middle school until I realized I was too old for it) everyone’s daily creative capabilities pretty much depended on one thing….Your Crayola crayon box…[read more]

Videos of the Week

Here is the first installment of my ‘favorites’ of the week. In the future, I’ll be bringing food, movies, random items, and more. But let’s get started with my favorite videos on the web for the week… [click to view]

American Idol: Adam vs. Kris

Let me first start off by saying: (1) This blog entry is strictly off of my guilty pleasure of this season’s American Idol, and I’m sorry if it seems superficial to talk about it….well, I don’t really care, it’s my site. (2) I TOTALLY called Adam Lambert and Kris Allen being the final two BACK when the top 36 were announced, and obviously, I STILL stand by that statement…[read more]

Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter…Oh My!

If you have any sense of computer and internet literacy, you have an account with one of these websites. Whether you hopped on the bandwagon recently, or you’ve witnessed the many re-designs, like I have, from when you first signed up, there’s no doubt at least one, two, or all three of these culture shifters…[read more]

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