American Idol: Adam vs. Kris

Let me first start off by saying: (1) This blog entry is strictly off of my guilty pleasure of this season’s American Idol, and I’m sorry if it seems superficial to talk about it….well, I don’t really care, it’s my site. (2) I TOTALLY called Adam Lambert and Kris Allen being the final two BACK when the top 36 were announced, and obviously, I STILL stand by that statement. But there are many factors that will play into the decision of who will actually be crowned this season’s American Idol. Many said, like I have before, that Adam is a shoe in to win, and many overlooked Kris Allen’s shy physique. Let me give you a quick reason as to why the other 3 WILL NOT (and never have I thought would) be in the top two:

Danny Gokey: Worship Leader from Wisconsin with an absolutely heart-warming story how he decided to enter AI after his wife passed. Personally, I love him, has a very unique voice with a pitch perfect tone. What keeps Danny from winning: Stage Presence. Close your eyes, and Danny sounds amazing. Open your eyes, and watching him try to work a stage is a little rough. Staying in a 10 ft box thrusting your arms back and forth just won’t cut it. Can’t say I’d pay $35 to watch him at a concert, which is what counts. Will definitely buy his album though.
Allison Iraheta: 17 Year old rocker chick from Los Angeles. Great rocker voice (that we have every Idol season), but the comfort and control she takes on the stage (coming from a 17 year old) is pretty impressive. What keeps Allison from winning: Likability/Awkwardness. Still don’t quite understand the personality behind this Pink/Brittany Murphy crossover. The hit-and-miss comedy in the interviews and weird faces (think Megan Joy and her bird-crowing flyaway to side-stage) just doesn’t hit home with me, and I’m sure most of America. Find yourself, and you’d be set.
Matt Giraud:Soulful Justin Timberlake meets Robin Thicke from Kalamazoo. Loved him on “Georgia” during Hollywood Audition week…lost him once he hit the big stage. I was glad, though, that they saved him so we could hear one more attempt to do something original and killer and send Lil’ home (whose karaoke, talk-backin attitude needed to go home way sooner. And I think Anoop could’ve held the “politically correct contestant” position on his own). Anyways (preparing for the backlash on that one)…..What keeps Matt from winning: He couldn’t find his inner “Justin Thicke.” It was great that he was bringing the best qualities together from different artists at the beginning of the competition, but he just couldn’t nail it. And as an artist, his sound is lost and confused.

Now for the two: ADAM LAMBERT and KRIS ALLEN. One of these two WILL WIN.

Adam is…..freakin ADAM LAMBERT. His vocals are unmatchable, his stage presence and crowd control surprasses half the so-called “artists” touring today, and he just has the “IT” factor (performing on stage for a while has helped that). What the record industry has been missing are artists that are unique, who have perfected their skills, and professionals who know what they want and have the drive to deliver an A+, over the top performance every time (Adam constantly has heavy input on his lighting, mood settings, band members, and arrangement every week). I personally believe he cryogenically froze himself in the late 80s after performing secretly with Van Halen, Bon Jovi, and Journey…. then waited for the opportune moment to make a comeback in a slump music industry moment….and POW! He’s on American Idol. I simply cannot wait to purchase a ticket to his concert, as Im sure it will set a new standard in music performance. What could keep Adam from winning:I don’t know if the American AI audience is ready for his “over-the-top” style. High falsettos were big in the 80s (I still love em), but it just might not sit well with the general populous. “Ring of Fire” could’ve been a shot in the foot, I wasn’t even a fan of that…a little too hypnotic for me, especially with a country song. On top of that, a drag-style, cabaret history and photos emerging online of him tonguing other guys could be a breaker. The results will tell.

Kris is the likeable “pop” icon with actual talent. I first thought of Jason Mraz when I saw him, but he quickly grew out of that when he showed his ability to transform ANY genre of music into his own style, that you can remember. His pure vocal ability continues to amaze me every week. His range isn’t Adam’s, but you can definitely sense the pure, smooth tone when he sings. On top of that, the girls absolutely love him. And the teen girls are the ones that stay up having “Vote for Kris!” parties. What could keep Kris from winning:He’s up against Adam, who is a driving force of confidence and consistency. If Kris wants to win, he’s GOT TO start believing in himself (not to sound corny). He can’t afford to do a B performance to just get by, he needs to step it up, and act like he’s already won. Not with cockiness, but with confidence in his ability and in his fans.

Now of course I’ve been a little cocky in my predictions, thats’ the point…plus I think I’m right, ha. But it’s open for discussion. Who do you think will win, or be in the top two? Or who do you wish would’ve won?….AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT SAY ANOOP.

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  1. so i cant decide which i think youre more addicted to .. blogging or America Idol … not gonna lie though, this is good, keeps me updated on stuff i would otherwise have never known ; )

  2. adam is all i have got to say….

  3. I agree with you in regards to Allison’s awkwardness. Something about that brash, red hair just makes me view her with that puzzled look…. sort of like when my dog hears a strange noise. I love Adam’s falsetto and voice. He totally has the drama, staging and emotion needed in every performance. However for me, the pictures that surfaced on the internet along with the black nail polish and drag-queen look tend to turn me off to him. He is the most talented this year, and I will give him that.

    I personally like Danny. His vocals are awesome and his heart is big. But, as has been said about Chris, he is the dark horse in the competition. I enjoy his sweetness, and can definitely see the young girls’ attraction! Since the majority of voters are probably teenage girls, you could be right about Chris’s appearance in the finale.

    I was hoping for a Danny/Adam finale, but I would be happy with Chris as well. At least this year, all of the contestants that remain all have talent and we aren’t staring at another Sanjaya!

  4. Adam in the bottom two??!?!?! ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!! Ha, not really. Voters probably just got lazy (like myself) and figured ‘aw, he’s in, he’s got everybody ELSE voting for him.’ Same thing happened with Jabbawockeez 3 weeks from the finale on America’s Best Dance Crew. Adds drama, of course, and a kick in the butt for people to get up and vote. But I probably still won’t vote…ha.

  5. Cam if they had an American Idol for Guitarist we would be the final two!

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